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There are many things you love about your husband, but the decibel at which he screams at the television during football games is not one of them. So with your annual Superbowl party coming up make sure that you not only wear your team colors with your Only Thing I Need Jean, but maybe keep a pair of earplugs close by.

98% Cotton, 2% Spandex

Size 24: Waist- 24" Inseam-25" Length-32"

Size 25: Waist- 25" Inseam-25" Length-32"

Size 26: Waist-26" Inseam-25.5" Length-32.5"

Size 27: Waist-27" Inseam-25.5" Length-32.5"

Size 28: Waist- 28" Inseam-26" Length-33"

Size 29: Waist-29" Inseam-26" Length-33"

Size 30: Waist-30" Inseam-26.5" Length-33.5"

Size 31: Waist-31" Inseam-26.5" Length-34"

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