While the holidays may seemingly be over that doesn’t mean that your family doesn’t expect you to still make some of your delicious holiday treats and goodies. And with a long and cold weekend ahead of you, your family has asked for your famous homemade chocolate chip cookies. So roll up your sleeves, throw on your apron and Look Away Jeans, and get to baking.

98% Cotton, 2% Spandex

Size 1: Waist- 26" Inseam-29" Length-37.5"

Size 3: Waist- 26.5" Inseam-29" Length-37.5"

Size 5: Waist-27" Inseam-29.5" Length-38"

Size 7: Waist-27.5" Inseam-29.5" Length-38"

Size 9: Waist- 28" Inseam-30" Length-38.5"

Size 11: Waist-28.5" Inseam-30" Length-38.5"

Size 13: Waist-29" Inseam-30.5" Length-39"