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P&C's Favorite Quarantine Takeout Spots

P&C's Favorite Quarantine Takeout Spots

Dear Hungry P&C Girl,

We know you love food almost as much as you love us -- almost.

In the spirit of supporting small, local businesses, we wanted to take the time to highlight some of our favorite restaurants that are offering to-go, delivery, or pick-up during this time. These are just a few of our favorites; we love to eat here at P&C and we have so many favorites and we couldn’t list them all. We would love for you all to support these businesses just like you’re supporting ours! Every little bit counts - let’s keep our local economy running!

  • State of Grace -- one of Marie's favorite places! Be sure to try the Sticky, Smoky, Beef Rib "For Two".. and trust us, it's definitely for two!!
  • El Tiempo -- even when we’re on a health kick, you can catch us here! Whether it’s fajitas or enchiladas, try out this Texas staple. P.S. Be sure to treat yourself a to-go margarita. You deserve it, girl!
  • French Gourmet Bakery -- for all those with a sweet tooth, this is a must! When you grab your sweets, you might spot Marie at one of her favorite spots!
  • Relish -- one of Blake’s favorites! Whether you’re getting something sweet or savory, this is a great place just across the street from P&C!
  • Local Foods -- one word: YUM! Some more words: TRY THEIR POTATO SALAD! We promise you’ll love this great place with a wide variety of options for the whole family!
  • Grace’s -- fun fact: did you know that Sam used to work here? She might be a bit biased with how much she loves their food but to be honest, she isn’t wrong! A great pick for any foodie.

Have any other recommendations? Let us know! P&C is always trying new food and we love supporting our local community. We hope you will too!


Marie, Sam, Blake, and Laurie

Blake Mudd


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Blake Mudd

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