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It's a blanket...It's a scarf...It's a Blanket Scarf


Happy Saturday Ladies!!! It’s gorgeous here at your favorite Houston boutique. We are overly excited about our new arrivals, especially our Perfect Blanket Scarf. We mean blanket when we say it! This scarf can be dressed up for a fabulous holiday party, and dressed down for some weekend errands. There are about 500 ways to wear this scarf, but we are going give you step-by-step directions to our top 3 favorite ways.


#1 Style: Half-tied

- First, start with your scarf in a triangle holding both sides in front of you. If the scarf is not perfectly folded and has a little twist to it no sweat, it adds to the style.

- Next, with the scarf in front of your neck, wrap it around once so both ends are now in front on either side.

- Then, grasp the ends and tighten so they are long and easy to tie. Cross the ends and pull one end under and through the loop (like you’re tying your shoe.)

- Let the ends flop down and loosen the part around your neck a little. Arrange the scarf so the ends dangle evenly or unevenly if you prefer.


#2 Style: Turtleneck

- Like before start with your scarf in a triangle holding both sides in front of you. Wrap around your neck once.

- First, pull the ends so they are longer, but not as long as in the previous style.

- Next, tie a knot at the end of each side. After tucking the knot underneath the rest of the scarf.

- Finally, loosen the scarf around your neck however you prefer. Allow the corners to hang down or separate the two corners. This fluffs the scarf a little more.


#3 Style: Braided

- Again, start with your scarf in a triangle and wrapped around your neck. Instead of pulling the ends long you’ll want the loop to hang down as long as the ends.

- Then, take the loop and twist it once. Stick one hand through the opening while you grasp one end with the other hand. Take that end and go UNDER, pull through the loop, and release.

- Take the other loop, feed it over, through the loop, and release.

- The scarf should have one end sticking out of the front of the loop and the other end sticking out of the back.


How did you do? Which one was your favorite? Also, try draping it over your shoulders for a poncho or shawl look. It’s an excellent couch blanket too! Are you still having trouble? Come by! We would love to have a style session with you!








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