Fall Whites!

Although September is here and August is over, you don’t need to shun your white clothes! The rule is no white after Labor Day, but HELLO rules were meant to be broken. Especially in warmer climates, where it feels like summer all through September and even into October strut your stuff in your white denim.  White tops are timeless and classic so those can definitely stay in your wardrobe. When it comes to those white jeans that you love, keep them out and flaunt them! Pair them with your favorite navy blazer, black leather jacket, or suede ankle booties. As long as the rest of the outfit reads Fall you can still rock them past September 1st , I promise.  Black and White are projected to be huge this next season in addition to gray anything. Pair a great gray tunic or chunky sweater with your favorite boots from now until the end of the year. Plaid is also another great option to pair with white!  Don’t forget about your other white favorites. One of ours is Summers at the Beach Dress, which we will continue to wear into fall with booties and cardigans. Need help picking out what to wear with your favorite white jeans or other white items from Summer? Come in and let us help you find some great options! 



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